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Solving Your Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are a common problem that people on the Gold Coast can face. Not only do these insects cause physical pain with their itchy bites, but they can also affect a person’s state of mind by causing panic.

A common place to find bed bugs are in hotel rooms, hostels, offices, homes, schools, retail stores, as well as in public transport. They are not as easy to spot as other pests because they are small in size and are known to multiply rapidly, which is why you will only know of an existing infestation in your home after you have got bitten or once you find spots of blood on your linen.

At Crisis Pest Management Services we can solve your bed bug infestation. Our team of professionals are highly trained and have the experience necessary to carefully and effectively treat your home or business to make it pest-free.

Our pest management services and systems are not only safe and effective but also cause minimal impact on the environment and are designed to prevent any future pest infestations.

If you’re experiencing issues with bed bugs, give us a call to sort them out.

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How To Spot a Bed Bug Infestation

You are sure to have an infestation if you notice any of the below signs:

  • Blood spots on the sheets or mattresses.
  • An unpleasant and sweet yet sickly odour.
  • Faecal pellets (small dark spots) on your linen.
  • Live bed bugs.
  • Dark black stains on your mattress or surrounding the area due to excreta.
  • You experience skin welts and irritation due to bites.
  • Tiny eggs or eggshells.


If you notice any of these signs, call us right away to come and sort out your bed bug issue.


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